Monday, February 19, 2007

Why so quiet????

I honestly cannot think of anything that has happened recently or that has grabbed my attention on the news that I thought - let's chat about that!
Yes I am being a bit apathetic, but then I am a bit p'd off with not finding a job which I put down to a combination of arsehole agents and a quiet market!
So mainly I have been spending heaps of quality time with Lauren and keeping Serena sane (see her post).

I do read your blogs, and I have even dropped the odd comment in here and there, but generally it is a "quiet news month"!


GF said...

I have to say that I haven't spotted a comment from you so with that, and no updates on this site or the family one I was genuinely beginning to worry that something was gravely wrong.

Truth is I was giving you until end of this week and I was phoning to ensure you were all OK.

So go on, blog the story of agents and quiet market as I'm all too aware of the fun and games that ensues.... *cough*

Jase said...

I'll do it IF you remove the broken picture link from your GF blogger account!

GF said...

I've tried but I need to create a Google account!!! Why!?!?!?

Jase said...

The image is looking for:

GF said...

Right OK, thanks - I'm SURE I could re-create that : )