Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Voice Actors

Patrick Stewart - Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Sean Bean - Martin Septim
Terence Stamp - Mankar Camaron
Lynda Carter - Nord Females
Ralph Cosham - Breton Males
Wes Johnson - Imperial Males, Lucien Lachance, Demons
Michael Mack - Redguard Males
Craig Sechler - Dark Elf Males
Jonathan Bryce - Various
Catherine Flye - Various
Gayle Jessup - Various
Elisabeth Noone - Various


Kim said...

Wow. Now that you've found a use for your blog, you are really filling it up. I don't understand a word though :D

Jase said...

Heh! Get yourself a copy and stick it on your PC - You'll love it! Serena does!