Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drinks, Horoscopes and Life in General

OK, about time for a blog update!

Last night was supposed to be a night full of farewell drinks for some of my colleages of the past three years.
However I was meeting Gareth for a coffee before hand, and we decided that we were enjoying our catchup far too much to interupt it prematurely.
Feeling peckish we nipped round the corner to the Metropolitan and enjoyed a nice bottle of Tempranillo and a steak au poivre. Far more satisfying than fighting over plates of "nibbles".

Got home in good time around 11 pm to find Serena completely exhausted and Lauren being grumpy. I happily took over feeding duties and Serena crashed out. Lauren settled off to sleep around 12.15 am, so I decided to move my alarm back an hour, since a 6 am start no longer loooked appealing!

The commute in on my normal trains is fairly painless. The "+1 hour" combo turns out to be a tad more busy and also prone to be delayed.
Since I only have a 9 minute connection window at Linlithgow I was getting worried when the first train was 8 minutes late leaving Edinburgh Park. I shouldn't have worried though as every other train I was due to take was also running 8-10 minutes late as well! Hence I got into work 10 minutes later than my timetable said I would!

Reading the Metro I got through the normal amount of rubbish slightly quicker than normal, and also pollished off the Sudoku is record time, which left me twiddling my thumbs with 2 stops to go. I happened to glance at the horoscopes and read something along these lines...
Whilst you are not normally the last one of the office, today will suprise you
with someone or something that will encourage you to stay late.

My response to that is...
Not bloody likely!
Ah well, I suppose I should do some work today! Hopefully I will get back to updating this a bit more frequently.

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Kim said...

So have a look and see if you approve of Bal's piccie on my blog.