Monday, September 26, 2005

A Changed Man

Well it seems like I have managed to curb my rampant spending!
What with the building works and the arrival of Lauren, I am finding that saving money is imperitive, so I am no longer buying computer games and DVDs on a whim!

I was hunting around on Amazon and they have added a "Wish List" function, so I have had a look at all the things coming out in the next few months that I would normally buy without thinking and have added them to my wish list.

What this means is that if you would normally buy me a Birthday or Christmas prezzie (not those of you that I have reciprocal "card only" agreements with), then you can now browse my wish list and not be worried about getting me something I already have or don't really want! Failing that - amazon vouchers will always be welcome!

This all seems very materialistic, but I like to think of it being practical and would encourage you to do the same so I don't need to hassle your other halves for ideas!

I am also going to have a clear-out of crap soon, so expect to see some EBay transactions in my name!


Anonymous said...
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GF said...

I have to say that the wish list is WAAAY shorter than I expected it to be!!

I am impressed....

Jase said...

If you keep it short and sweet you are more likely to get the things that you really want. As some things hit "budget" I will remove them (since I will have bought them myself) and add more new stuff.